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If you are eager to see other regions besides the Black Forest, our Add-On Packages are ideal. Depending on how much time you have available after your visit to the Black Forest, our Multi-Regional Tours take you to other regions in Germany or nearby countries like France and Switzerland. The below packages can give you an idea on what is possible. Talk to us if there are other regions you are interested in not mentioned below (e.g. the Romantic Road). Depending on what you want to see we can customize any tour package for you.

  • Add-on another region to your Black Forest tour
  • Tour with our driver & private car
  • Add-on private tours with our guides
  • Talk to us if you want to see areas not listed below
castle newschwanstein
After touring the Black Forest add on a few days in Bavaria. Our driver will take you on a scenic drive to Lake Constance. Enjoy lunch by the lake before you arrive in Munich where you spend the night. Enjoy a private walking tour of Munich. The next day our guide takes you on a private tour to Castle Neuschwanstein or Salzburg. Stunning scenery and must-see sights!
▪ Season: spring, summer, fall
2 days/2 nights, (add on more days)
sightseeing, easy walking
with hotel, with driver, guided and/or self-guided
colmar vaccation package
After touring the Black Forest add on a stay in the nearby Alsace region of France. Cute towns, good food, french wine -what’s not to like? We transfer you across the border to Colmar which will be your base for 2 days. Enjoy a private walking tour of town, and an all-day tour with a private guide & car. There are several day tours you can choose from.
▪ Season: spring, summer, fall
2 days/2 nights
sightseeing, easy walking
guided, with hotel, with driver
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