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We also offer tours during winter time

If you happen to visit this area in winter keep in mind that we offer several tours. Depending on the weather conditions, we take you snowshoeing, downhill skiing, snowboarding or snow kiting. If you have never down any winter sports, we are happy to book an instructor for you who will teach you the basics.  We are a fun group of people, everyone speaks English and is eager to show you why it’s worth coming to the Black Forest during winter. Here are some photos from our recent snowboarding and snowshoe tour.

World’s first ski lift was built in the Black Forest

You’ve heard about people going skiing in the Alps, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France and many other places. But skiing in the Black Forest? It is true indeed. With the highest mountain in Germany (outside of the Alps) the Black Forest is the birthplace of skiing in mid-Europe. The first ski club was founded here, in 1892 the first wooden skis were manufactured right here and in 1906 world’s first ski lift – powered by the local water mill – was built in the town of Schollach. The big mountain we are referring to is called Feldberg and is 1,493 metres high. Except for the German Alps to the east, the Feldberg region is the biggest skiing resort in Germany. Today there are more than 28 ski lifts and over 50 km of trails. If you aren’t into downhill skiing you can find tons of trails for cross-country skiing and go snowboarding or snow-shoeing and snowkiting.  You can also attend a dog sled race or watch a ski jump competition at one of the many ski …