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Schnapps Trail Tour

Interested in touring the schnapps areas of Germany? Schnapps tastings have always been included in our tours, but recently we see more and more interest specifically in schnapps. So we can orient a tour focused on the many schnapps distilleries (called Brennerei). To new-comers, schnapps may require an orientation, because few people know that there are two different types of Schnapps. Germans know nothing about American schnapps and typically, Americans know nothing about German schnapps. Both are often surprised that the other exists – and disturbed that these two very different beverages go by the same name. So if you are from North America and visiting us in The Black Forest, you should set aside your notions – that schnapps is sweet for example. German Schnapps is pure distillate of fruit, similar to a brandy, whereas American Schnapps’ includes added sugar and are often labeled liqueur. American’s use Peppermint Schnapps in (usually cold) mixed drinks, whereas Germans drink schnapps of every fruit flavor, straight and at room temperature. Schnapps in Germany is made mostly from …

our latest addition: Schnaps tasting tour

What’s the most important thing when visiting the Black Forest?  Eat a big piece of the world-famous Black Forest Cake, right?  Well only authentic Black Forest cakes contains original Black Forest Kirschwasser – a distilled schnaps. We have added a Schnaps Tasting Tour to our Black Forest vacation tours. There are more than 14,000 approved distilleries in the Black Forest today and we will take you to some small local distilleries  so you can taste some of the finest schnaps made. The best distilleries produce small batches of schnaps of a wide variety fruit, but typically apples, pears and cherries.   See you soon in the Black Forest!