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3 Day Vacation Package

From May to October our Black Forest Vacation Package is the perfect choice if you like to explore on your own with the option to have some guidance. There are some must-see touristy sights and you will certainly see them. But we also provide you with an itinerary for off the beaten path experiences. We take care of it all – starting at 3 days/4 nights.

Visiting The Black Forest In Winter?

Many people ask me if it is a good idea to visit the Black Forest in winter. Will there be snow? Will it be cold? Is there anything to do during winter? Is it safe driving in winter? The answer if you should or should not visit in winter is easy: it all depends. Official Black Forest Winter Tour Page Within minutes you can walk in the snow, go on a snowshoeing tour, rent skies or sit in one of the hot thermal baths surrounded by snow. If you are used to drive in winter conditions you should not have a problem driving here. It is often a good idea to carry along some snow chains if you are driving in the mountains. Alternatively you can also take the train to get up into the mountains. This is the easiest and most often fastest way to get to the top of the Black Forest and its ski areas. Do you want to visit some of the local attractions? You need to be aware that many …