Why choose Black Forest Tours

  • Most important: I will make sure you don’t feel like a tourist but rather like a friend who is visiting.
  • I am fun, outdoorsy and outgoing.  And I speak English, too!
  • I offer a wide selection of tours: guided tours, self-guided tours and build-it-yourself guidebooks.
  • I am an official Black Forest tour guide with 300+ hours of training through the Southern Black Forest Nature Park  Association to become knowledgeable in almost any topic imaginable related to this area.
  • I have an extensive network of people all over the Black Forest who know the ins and out of this region. If I don’t know the answer, I can find someone who does!
  • If you don’t see yourself on a bus with 50 other people – my tours are perfect for you.
  • I design unique tours that fits your particular travel style.

Still not convinced? Contact me and I can put you in touch with many satisfied customers who have traveled with me before.

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