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German News In English

Here are some websites addressing the english-speaking community in Germany. Please  contact us if you know of other sources you’d like to see being added.

Spiegel Online is Germany’s leading news magazine and Spiegel Online is the most-visited news site in Germany.

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster: online, on-screen and over the air. It provides a European perspective to audiences around the world and promotes intercultural dialogue.

The Local is an English-language online newspaper published in Germany. Coverage includes current events, politics, economy, sports and culture, as well as analysis and opinion. There is also a guide to German society aimed at English-speaking foreigners, a who’s who of local celebrities and a discussion forum.

Toytown Germany is an English-language community website for Germany. It is an information resource, a meeting point, and a communication platform for English-speakers throughout the country.Expat Blog Germany is a blog written by people who have moved to Germany. Discover real life in Germany through blogs by expats. Genuine experiences are always better than travel brochures!

How to Germany tells you everything you need to know about living and working in Germany as a foreigner. offers you the latest political, economic and cultural news from Germany as well as more general information, travel tips, event listings, exchange opportunities from the German Embassy in Washington D.C. is the main news program from the German public broadcaster ARD. It offers extensive news coverage – including audio and video – of all the day’s breaking stories from Germany and around the world.

Sign and Sight offers the latest information on German culture with links to sites in English and German. They offer an in-“sight” into the workings of the German mind and what’s more, the absolutely outstanding German feuilleton press.

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