Update September 2021: our self-guided tours are now called 2goTours and can be found at . They not only cover the Black Forest region, but also other parts of Germany. We are constantly adding new 2goTours to the portfolio so please check back to see if your preferred region in Germany is being covered by our 2goTours.

Are you on a budget? Do you have your own rental car? Or do you prefer touring by train? Do you think you can do-it-yourself? (if only you had a little help). If this sounds like your style of travel, then our 2goTours may be perfect for you.

Our 2goTours cover a large part of the Black Forest region and other parts of Germany. Our detailed self-guided itineraries show you where to go, how to get there, where to stop, where to eat, and what to do – all in fantastic deta

100% Local. 100% Real.

My 2goTours provide you with all the Black Forest has to offer; castles and ruins, medieval towns, local festivals, high mountain lakes, scenic drives, and a whole lot more. You want to see the real Black Forest, and not get lost? My Self-Guided Tours will have you traveling like a local!

80% of The Black Forest is in German language Only!

You may be surprised to find that very little in The Black Forest is in English. In cities, English is spoken almost everywhere, not so in The Black Forest. If you are traveling on your own by car or by train, my 2goTours enable you to navigate through one of the most beautiful areas in Germany, see the hidden gems, without needing to speak German. All you need is a rental car or a train ticket – and one of my Self-Guided Tours.

My 2goTours fill-in the blanks between the lines in those other Travel Guide Books. I explain the not-so-obvious to give you a robust local experience. I don’t just show you the obvious, I take you off the beaten path so you can experience the real Black Forest.

You could spend your time trying to figure it all out on your own, but why spend hours doing that when my guided tours are so affordable? My 2goTours are cheap compared to time you will spend researching (and the wrong turns you will make – the wrong decisions you will make). Its your vacation. Its your time.

Does this sound like your kind of travel? Then visit our website for 2goTours