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you can also email us this info a few days prior to touring


Please indicate if there is a different date you could arrive on in case the hotels don't have any availability on your first date.

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Many people love to tour with our touring app which we launched last year. All info is available through the app, including location info, hotel info, trail info and more. Other people don't even have a phone on vacation and prefer to have paper printouts of everything. What is your preferred way of touring? Let us know so we can customize our Welcome package for your.
Each person receives a printed booklet with the trail description plus paper maps. In addition we also provide you with access to our mobile app which shows you the trail to follow. If you are touring as a couple you might not need a complete printed set for each person. One printed set of documents might be sufficient. Let us know what your preference is.
We will try and accommodate your requests as much as we can. We will inform you prior to confirming your tour what is possible and what is not.
Please let us know any additional information which is helpful for your booking.
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