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Find The Perfect Cuckoo Clock Souvenir

If you are a tour operator or travel agent from India we welcome your inquiries with us. We can assist with packaged tours to Germany and the Black Forest, helping with hotel bookings, bus tours, English-speaking tours of Germany and the Black Forest and customized group tours. Please inquire on our website if you have a Black Forest travel request.

It’s mid-July and we are busy touring The Black Forest. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been very predictable. One day we have temperatures in the high 30s (Celsius), the next day we have the most incredible thunderstorms and a temperature drop to 15C. It’s been an odd summer weather-wise so far. Visitor-wise we have been very luck though! We met some incredible people from Australia, the US, the US, Japan, Hong Kong and various other parts of the world.

We have also welcomed an enormous number of visitors from India this year. Buying a cuckoo clock in the deep woods of the Black Forest, visiting one of the last real cuckoo clock factories in the Black Forest, hiking up the Black Forest waterfalls and eating a real piece of Black Forest cake – have been some of the priorities for our Indian visitors.

We are working with several tour operators from India who offer package tours to Germany. A stop-over in the Black Forest of at least 2 days is usually a part of the tour. We usually choose Baden-Baden or Freiburg as the base from where to start our Black Forest tours.

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