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Black Forest & Alsace

Combine your Black Forest visit with a stay in the nearby Alsace region of France. Cute medieval towns, good food, french wine -what's not to like? After your stay in the Black Forest we transfer you across the border to Colmar which will be your base for 2 days. Enjoy a private walking tour of town, and an all-day tour with a private guide & car. There are several day tours you can choose from.


Colmar, Alsace

Start / End

Freiburg / Colmar


sightseeing, easy walking




3 days


driver & car

Black Forest & Alsace

spring, summer, fall
3 days

Our Black Forest & Alsace Package is one of the richest cultural experiences you are going to find in one package. Its like salt & pepper. The contrasts between culture, food, wine and history between The Black Forest on the east side of the Rhine Valley and the Alsace region on the west side, could not be more pleasantly surprising. And they are only 30 minutes apart. Why not see it all? Its like two vacations in one!

  • We Handle All The Details
  • Luggage Transfer Included
  • Hotels Included
  • Tour with a private car/chauffeur
  • Private tours in both locations
  • 3 days / 4 nights – add on more days

If you are intrigued with the idea of seeing the Alsace region in France during your Black Forest vacation – this is the package for you!

The Prettiest Towns in the World

The Prettiest Towns in the World

We will set you up in cozy small hotels in two of the prettiest towns you are likely to ever visit. (we are not exaggerating, and we know you will agree) Each hotel in each town offers easy access to everything the towns have to offer – everything is within walking distance.

You’ll start your tour in The Black Forest in Germany, in a small hidden gem of a town we don’t advertise for reasons you will appreciate after the fact. We will depart our mystery town and make our way across the Rhine River to the Alsace, to the relatively well-known small city of Colmar, in Alsace, France. The Alsace is one of the most interesting regions in France. France has a lot to offer, but again, you’ll agree with us later.

During your first day in Colmar, our guide will take you around town on a private walking tour, so you have a solid orientation and you will know where things are located. Then you have the remaining day to explore on your own. Our guide will make sure that you blend in like a local. And then its on to the surrounding area. From here you can decide if you want to explore some of the cute (world renown) Alsatian towns near Colmar, do some wine-tasting or dive into the history of past wars – the options are endless.

Every corner of both towns offers picture-perfect scenery and rich history. Colmar’s history is unparalleled, having played central roles in the millennia of French-German history most people don’t know about, or the history you may be familiar with in both WWI and WWII. If you are a history buff, you are in for a real treat.

Take a boat ride on the canals in Colmar, France.

Food & Wine

Alsace is a food and wine paradise. There are numerous gourmet restaurants. If food and wine are your thing, we are happy to make a recommendation. And if you prefer to take it easy with Alsatian street-food (and French street food can claim 1st place in this category) we know exactly where to get it. And on top of all that, Alsatian wine is world renown. Even if you don’t like wine we recommend stopping at one of the many wineries to just quickly peak in and see what the talk is all about.

Street food in Colmar – unforgettable Tart Flambe.

Is it for me?

Words do not do justice to the contrasts

richness of both history and food that the Alsace region has to offer – and its picture perfect on top of all that. You will return home with pictures and stories to tell – and you’ll want return one day.


Arrival Info

Arrive in the Black Forest by train.

Exploring Town

You start your vacation in a beautiful small Black Forest Town known for its beautiful timber-framed buildings. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from. And plenty of picture-perfect sights.

Upon arrival 

Explore town. This town is a winner! Its one of the prettiest in The Black Forest. We guarantee you don’t want to leave!

Accommodation (2 choices)

We work with 2 hotels, both located in the heart of the old town.

  • Standard hotel 
  • Upgraded hotel with A/C




Description of your day

On your first day in the Black Forest, we provide you with several options on how to spend your day – either on your own or with a guide & car.

With our regular package we provide you with a driver & vehicle for a half day tour of the Black Forest. 

If you prefer to tour on your own, we are happy to cancel the driver&vehicle. In that case you have the following options:

  1. You can either stay in town and do nothing: just relax and take in daily small town life in Germany (which means visiting a beer garden or sitting in a cafe eating Black Forest cake)
  2. Hop on the train (free) and explore the area with one of our self-guided train tours (all info provided by us). Explore some lesser-known towns deep in the valley with options to walk up to a castle ruin.
  3. take the train to Triberg, the capital of the cuckoo clock area
  4. take a train ride on one of the most famous train lines in Germany: the Black Forest Railway. For an hour you will ride the train through breathtaking scenery passing by a castle ruin and through many small towns 
  5. Spend the day at the farmhouse museum Vogtsbauernhof and step inside an old farmhouse that has been untouched for hundreds of years 
  6. Go on a half day easy hike – we provide all the trail info and hiking instructions, you cannot get lost. The hikes we recommend are between 2-6 km long. You can start hiking right from your hotel.


Accommodation: same as last night



Description of your day

  • After breakfast our driver will meet you at your hotel 
  • You will then be transferred to Colmar in France where our guide meets you at the hotel (approximate transfer time: 2.5 hours. 
  • Optional: add-on a stop in Freiburg. Either have lunch in Freiburg or add-on a private walking tour of Freiburg 
  • Optional: add-on a stop in the french border town of Neuf-Brisach. A fortified town designed by the military engineer Vauban, under the orders of King Louis XIV
  • Late afternoon: Arrive at your Colmar hotel 
  • Rest of the day: on your own in Colmar

Accommodation (2 nights):

  • we work with several hotels in Colmar, usually 4 star hotels with A/C



Description of your day

Today you will be touring with a private guide and car. There are several options

Option 1: Split your day in 2 tours. Split up your day in 2 tours: Enjoy Colmar in the morning on a 2 hour Walking Tour. Or a Colmar Tasting Tour. Then you are off to have lunch (on your own, not included) In the afternoon our guide will meet you for a 4 hour driving tour of the nearby Alsace region.

Option 2: We have several all day tours to choose from, for example:

  • Alsace Highlights Tour
  • Wine Tour
  • World War Tour

If you prefer to tour on your own, we are happy to cancel the guide, driver&vehicle. In that case you can spend the day in town.


Description of your day

  • Depart Colmar after breakfast by train.
  • Alternative. Add-on a transfer by private car to your next destination, for example Basel train station or Freiburg train station

Good to Know

  • Accommodation for 2 nights in Colmar (4 star hotel with A/C)
  • Accommodation for 2 nights in the Black Forest (regular hotel or upgraded 4 star with A/C)
  • Double Room with en-suite Bathroom and Breakfast
  • Luggage transfer between the Black Forest & Colmar
  • Private walking tour of Colmar – upgrade to a Culinary Tasting Tour
  • Private half day tour of Alsace (several options to choose from) with guide & driver/vehicle – upgrade to an all-day tour 
  • Private half day tour of the Black Forest (several options to choose from) with guide & driver/vehicle
  • Private transfer by car from the Black Forest to Colmar in France with our chauffeur 
  • Telephone support during your stay
  • Travel to the Black Forest 
  • Travel from Colmar (add-on a transfer to your next destination)
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Entrance fees 
  • Wine Tasting fees
  • Travel insurance. Make sure you have travel insurance covering you against illness, injury, loss or damage to property and cancellations.
  • Personal expenses such as drinks, tips, telephone calls, extra transfers (such as by taxi or when not included in public transport pass).
  • Season. This package is available from  mid-May to October. 

The Colmar Black Forest Package starts at 3 days/4 nights

The hotels we include in this package are all small family-owned hotels. 

  • Double Rooms. If you are booking a double room there is one double bed with 2 individual mattresses (not 2 twin beds). If you require separate beds we recommend booking 2 separate rooms. In rare cases twin beds are available, please inquire.
  • Single Rooms. If you are traveling by yourself we charge a single room supplement. You will either be provided with a single room. Or with a double room for single use – based on availability.
  • Upgrades.  Upgrades are possible in your hotel in Colmar, please inquire.
  • Bathrooms. All rooms have private en-suite bathrooms.

Where you will be touring

guided tour of alsace france
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