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How to be seated in a German restaurant

Have you ever wondered how to behave correctly when entering a restaurant in Germany?
Basic German restaurants don’t have a hostess. Therefore – upon entering the place greet the waitress/owner/bar tender (if you see anyone), then proceed to an appropriate table by yourself (‘appropriate’ meaning – don’t choose a table for 6 if you are by yourself). If there is anything wrong with your choice the waiter will tell you (for sure – German waiters don’t mind telling you what they think of your choice).
In a casual place people might come up to you and ask if they can share your table (so can you). And the right answer would be YES (unless there is a good reason to say no).
If you happen to have a restaurant then check in with the waitress first so they can place you at a table.
What’s your experience on getting seated in a German restaurant? Any tips or recommendations on how to behave if you don’t speak German?

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