Feedback – Black Forest Trail

We constantly try to improve our tours. Therefore it is very important to us to find our more about your experience touring with us. Please share your feedback so we can learn from your experience. We are certainly happy if you enjoyed your tour. But we also want to hear what didn’t work for you.

This is the first year that we had to change our trails quite a bit. In the past 2 years many establishments included in our hike had closed, so we had to find new routing.

This season we have also started to offer our 2goTours app so hikers could follow the trail with their mobile phones. We would love to hear from your whether you were actually using the app. Or preferred to hike with the paper map instead.

Thank you for your feedback!

Time for detailed feedback?

If you have the time we would love to find out more. Please send us as much feedback as you like. The more the better!
How did your arrival go? Pick-up at train station, hotel experience, location of hotel – what did you like? what didn’t you like?
Was it easy to follow the trail description? Did you ever find yourself lost? How was your experience at Hotel Hecht / Kirnbacher Hof?
Did you do the bonus hike at the beginning? Or took the train to Hausach? Any feedback on the hotels?
Any input regarding the trail on day 3? How was your hotel experience at Klosterbräustuben?
Did you find our trail description useful? Or confusing? This is the first season that we offer our 2goTours app. We would love your input on how this worked for you. Or why it did not.
Did you find it easy to get in touch with us? Did you ever feel we should have been in touch more?