Hiking Tours in The Black Forest of Germany

Wine Trail

Our Wine Trail is a one-day relaxed-adventure for wine lovers. If you like a bit of walking while wine tasting around a beautiful small German town, this is the package for you. This package provides a real local experience with a focus on the good things in life: nice hotel, food, scenery & wine. We even throw in an old castle and a occasional German wine festival with luck.

  • We handle all details
  • Self-guided wine tasting hike
  • Beautiful Black Forest wine town
  • Superior hotel
  • Well marked & easy to navigate trail
  • 3 course wine dinner
  • 5 course meal wine hike
  • Difficulty of trail: easy

What’s the area like?

There are 13 wine regions in Germany with more than 23,000 vineyards. The wine area of The Black Forest is the 3rd largest and southern-most wine region in Germany (called Baden).

The climate in this area is warm, as the vineyards are sheltered by the surrounding mountains and the Rhine River Valley. Due to this warm climate, Baden produces the only wine-zone B class wines in Germany. Wine-zone B is the same category as the famous French wine areas of Alsace, Champagne, and the Loire Valley.

The Baden Wine Road is 160 kilometers long, connecting numerous old wineries and tiny villages. For your hike, our Wine Trail is set in one of those beautiful wine villages, with a castle overlooking the town – You’re going to love it.

If you enjoy the good things in life: food, scenery, a nice hotel & wine – this is the trail for you

Is this a good hiking package for me?

The Wine Trail is a good package if you are looking for easy walks with limited elevation through beautiful scenery, while taking in good food and great wine. The walk is short so you have plenty of time to take it easy and immerse yourself in the local environment and culture.

Wine & Food

We have chosen one of the most beautiful wine towns in the area for your stay. As part of the package you will enjoy a 3-course wine dinner on your arrival day. The next day you will participate in a self-guided wine hike that includes 5 meals and numerous wines at different locations in the vineyards along your trail.

Best time to go

Mid-April to mid-October is the best time to enjoy the Wine Trail. If you are touring on a weekend during September you might even run into a local festival. Please note that arrival days are limited to Wednesdays through Saturdays.

What’s included with the Wine Trail Package?

  • Accommodation for 1 night in a superior 4 star hotel
  • Double Room with en-suite bathroom
  • Breakfast
  • 3-course wine dinner on arrival night
  • 7.5 km wine-tasting walk (self-guided) including 5 food courses
  • (vegetarian option available)
  • Detailed route notes and maps
  • Welcome package with useful information and orientation to town

How much time do you have? 1 day adventure

The Wine Trail Package is recommended as a 1 day/1 night package. Many visitors add on a second night so they don’t have to leave town right away after their wine/hiking adventure. Let us know how you would like to arrange it.

Outline of the 1-Day Wine Trail

Arrival Day (Wednesday-Saturday)

Arrive in the Black Forest region by train/bus. Relax or optionally explore town. Your hotel is located so you have easy access to restaurants and cafes for your pleasure. In the evening we treat you to a 3-course wine dinner at your hotel.

Day 1

Breakfast and explore town. 11 AM get on the wine trail. Although the hike itself is only 8 km, it will take you all day to take it all in. We have included 5 stops in the vineyards where we serve you food and wine. You will be back at your hotel around 5 PM.

Elevation Profile Wine Trail (7.5 km)

(click on image for details)

Departure or add on more nights

If you only booked 1 night with us, then you will pick up your luggage after finishing the wine trail around 5 PM and head to the nearby train station to depart. Many people decide to add-on a second night though – let us know what your preference is.

Not sure if the Wine Trail is a good fit for you? Contact us!