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Train & Hike


Our Train & Hike: Best of the Black Forest Package allows you to sample the many different environments of The Black Forest all in one go. The Black Forest has very diverse terrains and typical tours only expose you to one area. This package will immerse you in the full range of the 3 different terrains, each having their own unique forests, mountains, waterfalls, rivers & valleys. More on these below…

You’ll stay in 3 beautiful Black Forest areas. We get you to your next hotel by train. We take care of all the details so you can enjoy a stress-free time in nature with lots of local culture in between. You are going to love it.

Train & Hike: Best of the Black Forest is available from May to October

  • All Logistics Included
  • 3 Black Forest regions
  • 3 different hotels
  • Starting at 5 days/6 nights
  • Option to enjoy dinner at a gourmet restaurant
  • Add-on additional days to see Baden-Baden or Freiburg
  • Train fare included
  • Trails of different lengths and levels
  • Lots of other options to choose from (e.g. sightseeing instead of hiking)
  • Add-on more days
  • Add-on a guided hike

Is this a good hiking package for me?

What a great way to get off the beaten path! With our Train & Hike Package you get to explore the Black Forest by train and on foot. You are now able to experience the entirety of The Black Forest in one tour, that was not previously possible.

The Black Forest is a mountain range covering more than 6000 square km with 21,000 km of trails. Due to its size, most visitors can only visit one particular area on one trip. But with this multiple day hiking package, you can experience the full scope of its terrain and culture in a relatively short time.

With our Train & Hike Package you get to experience the best the Black Forest has to offer which samples the Northern Black Forest with its dense and dark forest, the Central Black Forest with its farmland and picturesque green meadows, and the Southern Black Forest with its alpine mountains, highland orchards, its steep ravines and waterfalls.

The rail lines of The Black Forest are historic. Black Forest Railway was a feat of engineering in its day. It will provide a relaxing way to see the scenery that is still just as stunning today as it was in the 1800s.

This Train & Hike Package allows you to visit the larger cities of Baden-Baden and Freiburg. Add-on additional days to explore one city prior to your hike and the other at the exit. And to make it stress-free, we are always just a phone call away.

What’s included in our Train & Hike Package?

  • Welcome Package
  • Accommodation for 6 nights in 3 hotels
  • Experience 3 very different cultures of the Black Forest – one in the remote north, one in a valley of the Central Black Forest, and one in the mountains of the South.
  • Double Rooms with en-suite Bathroom and Breakfast
  • one 4 star wellness hotel, one small family-owned hotel, one 3 star hotel
  • private round-trip transfer between train station and first hotel
  • train and bus fare between hotels
  • Ride the historic Black Forest Railway and the famous Hells Valley Trainline
  • Pick from several day hikes available from each location, depending on your fitness level. Or simply go sightseeing if you don’t feel like hiking on a particular day – there is still plenty to see off the trails. We provide all info (trail info, maps, sightseeing options)
  • Telephone support during your stay
  • Help with train connections, you will know exactly how to get from one hotel to the next. You will not be getting lost.
  • Add-ons: guided tours, meet & greet by our staff, reservation at restaurants, chauffeur transfers to/from airports or other cities, additional nights, etc.

Outline of our Train & Hike Package

You get to spend 1.5 days in each region of the Black Forest, then transfer to the next area/hotel by train.

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