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Neuschwanstein Package

After touring the Black Forest add on a few days in Bavaria. Our driver will take you on a scenic drive to Lake Constance. Enjoy lunch by the lake before you arrive in Munich where you spend the night. Enjoy a private walking tour of Munich. The next day our guide takes you on a private tour to Castle Neuschwanstein or Salzburg. Stunning scenery and must-see sights!


Black Forest, Bavaria, Lake Constance

Start / End

Black Forest / Munich


sightseeing, easy walking




2 days/2 nights, (add on more days)

Tour format

with hotel, with driver, guided and/or self-guided

Neuschwanstein Package

spring, summer, fall
2 days/2 nights, (add on more days)

Our Neuschwanstein Package is the perfect add-on to your Black Forest vacation if you have 2 additional days available and have never been to Bavaria before. Our package allows you to see the beautiful Bavarian countryside, the Bavarian Alps and also the city everyone in the world is drawn to: the beer-capital Munich. With a sidetrip to fairytale castle Neuschwanstein you get a good introduction to Bavaria.

  • We Handle All The Details
  • Luggage Transfer Included
  • Hotels Included
  • Tour with a private car/chauffeur
  • Private tours of Munich & Bavaria/Austria
  • 2 days/2 nights – add on more days

If you have always wanted to see the highlights of Bavaria but only have limited time – this is the package for you

Why we like this package

Just like the Black Forest, Bavaria can be difficult to tour if you don’t know where to start. We show you the 2 most visited sights in Bavaria: Munich and Castle Neuschwanstein. On top of that you will see Lake Constance – a lake mostly visited by Germans and European tourists.

Should you stay longer?

The package is completely flexible – we can add-on as many more days with our driver (or guide) as you like. Some people decided to spend a night close to Neuschwanstein castle – treat yourself to a room with direct sight of the castle! When the crowds are gone at night you have the castle all to yourself.

Neuschwanstein Black Forest

Is it for me?

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Where you will be touring

driving tour bavaria
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