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German Wine?

When it comes to wine everyone has heard of Napa Valley. And of course France, Italy, Australia and Chile. But visiting Germany on a wine tour? Interestingly enough we have more and more visitors from overseas acknowledging the excellence of German wines and wanting to discover them on a wine tour. There are 13 wine regions in Germany altogether. With more than 23,000 vineyards in Baden we are considered the 3rd largest wine region in Germany. The climate here is very warm, vineyards being protected by the mountains and facing the Rhine. Due to the warm climate in this most southern wine region in Germany, Baden is the only wine region in Germany that is considered a Wine-zone B. This is the same category as the famous French wine-growing areas Alsace, Champagne, Loire Valley. That means what’s being produced here has to meet stricter quality standards than wine grown in any other part of Germany. With every sip you taste you will fall in love with German wines. The Baden Wine road connects numerous old …

Harvest Season has begun

End of summer marks the beginning of the harvest season in our region. Many villages have started with the harvest of their grapes last week and the forecast is promising. If you happen to visit the Black Forest region right now – or within the next few weeks – make sure to participate in one of the famous ‘Weinwanderungen‘ – literally a ‘wine hike‘ in which thousands of people participate. They usually last a few kilometres and you will be equipped with a tasting glass and a map of the area. Every few kilometers there will be a wine-tasting station set up and local chefs create the appropriate appetizers, snacks and desserts to go with it. There is a shuttle service which will bring you back to your initial starting point. Besides the popular ‘wine hikes’ there are about a hundred wine festivals and other wine-related activities scheduled for the months of September and October. If you are lucky, you will even meet a wine princess. If you are not sure where to get started …

Carnival Season is Coming to an End

Carnival Season in Germany is coming to an end this week. This past weekend celebrations and carnival parades were held in almost every town in the Black Forest.  Like thousands of other people we visited the ‘Schuttige Umzug‘ in the Black Forest town of Elzach which is considered one of the highlights of the Swabian-Alemanic carnival. In the evening hundreds of scary-looking ‘Schuttige‘ walk through town carrying torches and a curious balloon-like device.  It is traditional that the Schuttige hit the spectators with this balloon-like thing, which is made from leather, making a loud banging sound while doing no harm. The device is actually a pig bladder filled with air.  The Schuttige meet at the townsquare and dance around a bonfire, celebrating throughout the night. For more picture on the Parade in Elzach visit our photo gallery.