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What’s New at Black Forest Tours

Greetings from the Black Forest! Many of you have stayed in touch after visiting me in the Black Forest. I always like to hear how you are doing once you are back in your home country – what did you enjoy most while here? What didn’t you like? Please keep on sending me your feedback – I love to hear from you! And this newsletter is my way of reciprocating; to tell you about the good things that have developed for me during the past year. For one, I have finally settled into the town of Freiburg. I found a cozy place in one of the most beautiful areas of the old town. From my office window I have a direct view of the old town gate. Please stop by if you visit Freiburg. If I have time, I am happy to show you my local haunts. Last season I was given the chance to participate in a Rick Steve’s tour as a guest tour guide. I loved the experience and highly recommend touring with Rick …

Visiting The Black Forest In Winter?

Many people ask me if it is a good idea to visit the Black Forest in winter. Will there be snow? Will it be cold? Is there anything to do during winter? Is it safe driving in winter? The answer if you should or should not visit in winter is easy: it all depends. Official Black Forest Winter Tour Page Within minutes you can walk in the snow, go on a snowshoeing tour, rent skies or sit in one of the hot thermal baths surrounded by snow. If you are used to drive in winter conditions you should not have a problem driving here. It is often a good idea to carry along some snow chains if you are driving in the mountains. Alternatively you can also take the train to get up into the mountains. This is the easiest and most often fastest way to get to the top of the Black Forest and its ski areas. Do you want to visit some of the local attractions? You need to be aware that many …


Our trip through the Northern Black Forest continues and the question today is…..what and where the heck is Mummelsee? And no – it’s not a spelling error, this is the lake’s real name. According to a legend, the Mummelsee is inhabited by a Nix and the underwater king of the Mummelsee. The king lives beneath the water and dragged down women to his underwater kingdom many years ago. Mummelsee is located in the Northern Black Forest – a straight 40 minute on the Black Forest High Road between Freudenstadt and Baden-Baden. The Hornisgrinde mountain (the highest mountain in the Northern Black Forest) overlooks lakes Mummelsee and provides an unbelievably scenic background. The lake is a very popular destination for tourists and people who want to get out of town on the weekend. Right now the lake is still frozen but the brand new Mummelsee hotel is a good place to stop and warm up. Take in the scenery from a comfy chair and enjoy the view while sipping a good glass of wine (or tea …

French mountain biker wins the Black Forest race

If you are lucky enough to be in the Black Forest this holiday weekend (Monday is a holiday!) we hope you were able to stop by at the Mountain Bike World Cup in Offenburg today. With sunshine, blue skies and 25 degrees Celsius it was a perfect day for this race. Have a look at some of our pictures on Picasa if you missed the event! 20100523 Mountain Bike Worldcup Offenburg, Black Forest The women’s race started at 10.45 AM, the men followed at 2.30 PM. For the fourth time in a row French rider Julien Absalon won the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Offenburg. The women’s race was won by Canadian Catherine Pendrel. If you are interested in exploring the Black Forest on a mountain bike have a look at the mountain bike tours or other vacation tours we are offering. See you this summer in Germany!

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Black Forest Germany

1.The Black Forest is the warmest and sunniest region of Germany just minutes from Switzerland and Alsace, France. 2.With mountains, lakes and vineyards it is the ideal region for outdoor-enthusiasts. 3.We are fun outdoorsy Germans taking you on customized tours so you can experience this area like a local. You’d be Cuckoo not to visit the Black Forest.

We also offer tours during winter time

If you happen to visit this area in winter keep in mind that we offer several tours. Depending on the weather conditions, we take you snowshoeing, downhill skiing, snowboarding or snow kiting. If you have never down any winter sports, we are happy to book an instructor for you who will teach you the basics.  We are a fun group of people, everyone speaks English and is eager to show you why it’s worth coming to the Black Forest during winter. Here are some photos from our recent snowboarding and snowshoe tour.

World’s first ski lift was built in the Black Forest

You’ve heard about people going skiing in the Alps, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France and many other places. But skiing in the Black Forest? It is true indeed. With the highest mountain in Germany (outside of the Alps) the Black Forest is the birthplace of skiing in mid-Europe. The first ski club was founded here, in 1892 the first wooden skis were manufactured right here and in 1906 world’s first ski lift – powered by the local water mill – was built in the town of Schollach. The big mountain we are referring to is called Feldberg and is 1,493 metres high. Except for the German Alps to the east, the Feldberg region is the biggest skiing resort in Germany. Today there are more than 28 ski lifts and over 50 km of trails. If you aren’t into downhill skiing you can find tons of trails for cross-country skiing and go snowboarding or snow-shoeing and snowkiting.  You can also attend a dog sled race or watch a ski jump competition at one of the many ski …

Flammenkuchen – a local specialty

Flammenkuchen is a unique local specialty. Some people say it looks like a pizza. Try it. You will love it! This ‘pizza’ is a specialty you can only get in the Black Forest and the neighboring region of Alsace, and it may be the only native dish that would qualify as “fast food”. Its a favorite at festivals year-around. On the french side of the Rhine river, the Alsace, it’s called tarte flambe, which translates into “cake baked in the flames”. On the German side its called Flammenkuchen or Flammkuchen, literally,  “Flame Cake”. Flammenkuchen is made out of a very thin bread dough. The traditional topping is a mixture of sour cream and creme fraiche, onions and bacon, and spiced with salt and pepper. It is quickly baked in a very hot wood-fired oven and it is normal that it has burned crust at the edges. Its is thin and cools very quickly, so it is normal to eat it very quickly. Flammenkuchen has become so popular over the last few years that you can …