Small Group Tours in 2020

Interested in meeting other like-minded people? Our Small Group Tours consist of a maximu of 12 people who have one thing in common – they want to experience the Black Forest like a Local. Our tours last 5 days and include hotels, lunches, dinners, all activities and a program which will focus on everthing large bus groups can’t do.

How does it work?

Our Small Group Tours are for people who do not like to tour on a bus with a lot of other people. We think even a ‘small’ tour of 28 people is too big to experience an area like a local. Therefore we keep the number of participants at a maximu of 12 people.


You will always have a guide on your side during our tours. But you also have options to spend some time on your own – if you prefer – and join the group later in the day again.


We are staying in beautiful small hotels in heart of a Black Forest Town. We will switch hotels once during our tour – so you can experience 2 different areas of the Black Forest Forest during your stay.

Are these active tours?

We use a combination of train rides, transfers by car and also a bit of walking. There will be a tour for more active travellers – which can include hikes and longer walking tours. But we also offer a tour for the ones who prefer not to move too much.

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