Hiking Tours in The Black Forest of Germany

Premium Trail

Our Premium Trail runs along the foothills of the Black Forest. This area is a bit off-the-beaten path, where you will really tour like a local in this post-card perfect world. We lead you to vistas and waterfalls and local eateries undiscovered by the crowds. We stop by a local schnapps-fountain where a farmer keeps his privately distilled liquor, naturally spring-cooled for all passers-by to sip.

  • We handle all details for you
  • Beautiful Black Forest town
  • Family-owned & operated hotel
  • Well marked trails & easy to navigate
  • Choose your own daily distances
  • Level of difficulty: easy

What’s the area like?

Our Premium Trail wanders through a beautiful valley on the edge of the Black Forest. The town you are staying in is nestled in a hilly area covered in vineyards and forest. A short bus ride up the road (you ride free during your stay) will take you up to the famous High Summit Road. We have designed this walking tour so you have a robust experience of the Black Forest, from the vineyards in the valley, to the deep forest and steep ravines, up to the mountains with their glacial lakes.

Our Premium Trail is a good choice if you are looking for fairly easy walks with limited elevation. Ideal for those who would rather take it easy and sample the full range of Black Forest offerings. This is a great tour if you are looking for some quiet time in nature, while also explore local rural life in The Black Forest.

If you enjoy easy hikes and want to experience local life- this is the trail for you

Is this a good hiking package for me?

This is a good package for those preferring shorter hikes, scenery and local life. The main purpose of this trail is to provide you with a real local experience. You will not be switching hotels during your stay. Our family-operated hotels are located in a typical small Black Forest town with signature timber-framed buildings and streets lined with flower-boxes. There are several good restaurants and local wineries (if you care for wine). We provide orientation to the town so you can easily explore in the evenings without having to research on your own. You will feel like a local in no time. You will love it, guaranteed!

Best time to go

Our Premium Trail is available Mid-April to mid-October. There are local wine and harvest festivals starting in late August, running though October.

What’s included with our Premium Trail Package?

  • Accommodation for 3+ nights in a small family-operated hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Double Room with en-suite bathroom
  • Free public transportation pass
  • Welcome package with useful information and orientation to town
  • Detailed route guide with maps for self-guided hikes

How much time do you have? 2 or 3 days of hiking

The Premium Trail Package is recommended as a 2 day/3 night package. If you prefer a longer stay we can certainly make it happen.

Outline of the 2-Day Premium Trail

Arrival Day

Arrive by train or bus. Your hotel is located in a beautiful Black Forest town with easy access to restaurants and cafes. Explore town upon arrival.

Day 1

On your first day, a 7 km hike takes you around town with lots of scenery to explore – (walk further at your option). Walk through vineyards or refresh your feet in a waterfall. Taste some locally distilled liquor at a farmhouse – the highlight of your day.

Day 2

You will hop on a bus (enjoy free bus rides during your stay) which takes you up the mountain into the Black Forest. On The Black Forest High Summit Road, you will visit one of the must-see lakes in the area. Here you have the option to go for a short hike (start at 5 km), or enjoy a boat ride on the lake. You treat yourself to a Black Forest cake at the restaurant overlooking the lake. The bus will take you back to your hotel.

Departure Day

Depart from your Black Forest hotel after breakfast using public transportation, or extend your stay and explore more!

Not sure if the Premium Trail is a good fit for you? Contact us!