Payment Options

Great that you have chosen to tour with Black Forest Tours! Please choose between the following payment options:

I prefer paying by Credit Card or PayPal.

If you prefer paying with your Credit Card (processed via Paypal) or with your PayPal account click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. Please note that you will need to put in the item amount (in Euro) yourself (on the left of the page) – which you should have received in your confirmation email/invoice.


Wire Transfer

If you are paying from a bank account within Germany, please use account number 14373276 and BLZ 680 201 86. If you are sending an international wire please make sure the costs of the wire are covered, I am not accepting any wire charges. Please use the following wire info:

  • name of bank: Hypovereinsbank
  • street: Hauptstraße 21
  • zip code: 77652
  • city: Offenburg, Germany
  • phone: +49 781 924360
  • IBAN: IBAN DE65680201860014373276

I have a MoneyBookers account

Some countries don’t allow the use PayPal or the use of credit cards. In those cases I can accept payments through MoneyBookers. Please send your payment to



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