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Join me on a weekly Freiburg Culinary Tour!

When traveling I always enjoyed attending one of the local culinary tours. Many times I was surprised to find out what the locals eat – very different from what tourists eat! I usually try to attend at least one culinary tour or cooking class when traveling. Over the past few months I have received quite a few inquiries regarding cooking classes in the Black Forest or Culinary Tours in Freiburg. I had a difficult time to actually locate (english-speaking) people who were able to offer what I was looking for!
To make a long story short – after a lot of research (it required me to eat and drink my way through the Black Forest!) , meeting lots of local producers, farmers, cheese makers, chefs, coffee makeres, brewers, wine makers I finally decided Freiburg was ready for an English-speaking Culinary Tour!

Join me on one of my weekly tours in Freiburg to find out where to locals eat and drink, which fruits and vegetables are in season, what local schnaps tastes, where to get the best cheesecake in town and what the Black Foret cake is all about. I promise you that you will have an excellent time eating and drinking your way through Freiburg while hearing a bit of history on the town itself!

My Freiburg Culinary tours are held on a weekly basis – usually on saturdays. Depending on the number of people requesting a tour during the week I also offer Culinary Tours on other days. Please email your date of visit to see if a culinary tour can be arranged. All tours last for about 90 minutes. We  usually start around 10 AM, which will give you lots of time afterwards to continue exploring on your own.

See you soon in the Black Forest!