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Hells Valley Trail

Our Hells Valley Trail Package is perfect if you are looking for a flexible combination of easy hikes with options to take in other activities (or just relax) in nature – stop for food, drink and local culture & sightseeing along the way. On your first day we set you up with one of our own local guides who will take you on a guided hike. The guide will make sure you are well equipped for your next day of hiking on your own. Or choose to do some sightseeing instead!

  • We Plan All Details
  • stay in a Black Forest mountain town
  • 3 star family-owned hotel
  • Guided (half) day hike
  • Well Marked & Easy to Navigate Tracks
  • Choose your own Daily Distances
  • self-guided hikes or sightseeing
  • Difficulty: easy

What’s the area like?

The Black Forest is not what the English name suggests. It is not a single forest, but rather it is the name given to the mountainous region in the south-western corner of Germany. 60% of the land is forest. Therefore there is also a lot of open country too. The terrain of the Southern Black Forest (where your trails are located) is postcard perfect. This area has the sunniest and warmest weather in Germany. The terrain is composed of mountain meadows while thick forests and steep ravines dominate the higher elevations.

Our Hells Valley Trail Package provides you with a lot of flexibility. You are staying  in a family-owned 3 star hotel in a beautiful mountain town in the southern Black Forest, less than 45 minutes away from Freiburg. Perfect base to explore sights and do some hiking. The Hells Valley Trail comes with free access to more than 50 attractions in the Southern Black Forest. If you don’t feel like hiking, why not do some sightseeing?  Entrance is free! There is no better way to enjoy the Black Forest.

If you are a beginner hiker and like a combination of sightseeing and hiking – this is the package for you

Is this a good hiking package for me? 

If you prefer shorter hikes (starting at 5 km) or a combination of sightseeing and hiking, then the Hells Valley Trail Package is ideal for you. You have a great deal of flexibility choosing your hike each day based on your fitness level, weather conditions and what you feel like doing. You will receive all trail information and maps from us. If the weather should turn bad one day during your visit, or you simply don’t feel like hiking, you have free access to many activities such as boat rides, cable cars, museums, and mountain coaster rides; a significant value all by itself.

What’s included with the Hell’s Valley Trail Package?

  • Accommodation for 2+ nights in a 3 star hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Double Room with en-suite bathroom
  • Complimentary piece of Black Forest cake & Coffee at the hotel
  • Guided half day hike with our certified hiking guide
  • Free public transport pass during your stay
  • Free entrance to many Black Forest attractions (boat rides, museums, cable car rides) during your stay
  • Welcome Package with useful information
  • Detailed route notes and maps for self-guided hikes

How much time do you have? 1, 2, 3 or more days?

The Hells Valley Trail Package is starting as a 1 day/2 night package. You can add on as many more days as you like. The more days you have available the more sights and hikes you can cover.

1-Day Hells Valley Trail

  • 1 days / 2 nights hotel

2-Day Hells Valley Trail

  • 2 days / 3 nights hotel

3-Day Hells Valley Trail

  • 3 days / 4 nights hotel

4+ Days Hells Valley Trail

  • 4 days / 5 nights hotel

Outline of the 2-Day Hells Valley Trail

Arrival Day

Arrive in Freiburg by train. Here you switch to a regional train which will take you into the mountains. Within 45 minutes you will arrive at your destination. You are staying in a cute mountain town with cafes and restaurants. If you are traveling by car you can drive directly to the hotel.

Hotel: We work with a family-owned hotel in the middle of town, only steps away from the train station. The hotel restaurant offers a la carte dinners, but there are several other restaurants close-by, so you have lots of options.

Day 1: Guided Half Day Hike

On your first day, our hiking guide will take you on a hike exploring the countryside. The hike itself is only 8 km long – but we have included lots of stops, therefore it can take a few hours before we get you back to your hotel – depending on your fitness level. This is a private hiking tour just for you. No one else will be joining the tour. This is our most popular hike because you really get it all. Besides the classic, dark Black Forest gorge hike next to waterfalls, you get a lot of Black Forest history, a few touristy things, the oldest chapel in the Black Forest, the areas largest cuckoo clock. And the option to have a beer in a typical Black Forest inn. This hike takes you down into a valley famous for its ancient mills that once made everything from rope to spoons. You will see how people thrived hundreds of years ago. Your local guide has lots of stories to tell. You are in for a real treat!

Day 2: Choose between a self-guided hike or sightseeing

On the second day you have the option to do a self-guided hike or do some sightseeing instead. We provide information on several other hikes you can choose from. We carefully selected some of the best easy day hikes in the Southern Black Forest for you. Or visit one of the many attractions in the Black Forest – entrance to most of them is free during your stay!

Departure day

Depart from your hotel after breakfast. Or add-on more days to do some more hiking/sightseeing!

Not sure if the Hells Valley Trail is a good fit for you? Contact us! Find an overview of all our hiking tours here.

See what some of our customers say who have chosen the Hells Valley Trail Package:

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Black Forest Tours
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Hilary
Hells Valley Trail

Dear Simone,

The Black Forest was an extremely nice place to be, thank you. The information pack you left me very helpful and informative and I was happy with the hotel too. I had a lovely day with Gisela she was very good company. I really hope to come again.

Best wishes

 by Rob C
Wonderful memories

Hi Simone

Sorry its taken so long to provide some feedback. We are now back home and we so miss Germany.

Our hiking guide was wonderful. She had a perfect balance between engaging in conversation, letting us do our own thing and leading us to the next point. She was a pleasure to talk with. I would highly recommend her to anyone heading to the Black Forest.

The materials provided were thorough. The tracks were fun and on one of the walks we met up with a group of friendly German people along the way. They invited us to their table at the end of the day for drinks and conversation. German people are just so welcoming!!

The hotel was good. The reception staff were welcoming and they even allowed to have breakfast before the scheduled time so we could catch our train on the departure day.

We only wish we had scheduled more time in the Black Forrest. It was one of the highlights of our 6 week holiday. We will be back in Germany and there will be definitely more time spent in the Black Forest.

Thanks for the wonderful memories.


 by Sarel S
Unforgettable Experience

Dear Simone

Sorry for the delay in response, we are now home and settled again and we are indeed looking back on an unforgettable experience after our visit to the Black Forest.

The Hotel is very good situated and made it easy for us on arrival.
Although we were a little early, they accommodated is in their Restaurant, because it was raining and we couldn’t really go out to do site seeing.

The moment the room was ready, we were taken to our room.

The accommodation facilities were excellent and the hotel staff was very helpful.

We also want to thank you for our hiking package, it assisted us a lot.

We did one full day of hiking and the second day was for exploring
the Southern Black Forest.

Thank you for excellent arrangements and information. Be assured we enjoyed our stay enormously and it we would always remember our Black Forest experience!
Just a pity that we could not meet you personally!

Be assured that we would recommend Black Forest Tours to anybody interested amongst our family and friends!

Kind regards

Sarel & Elsabe

 by Lucia M
Beautiful experience and excellent service

This tour was amazing - you really get to enjoy a lot of beautiful sights and the tour guide Gisela was very friendly and really made the trip special. It was one of the best tours I've taken, the pace was great, not too fast, enough time to enjoy the views. I would do it all again. The hotel was beautiful and the family owners very friendly. Simone is very professional and all the information she provide is clear and easy to understand. Totally worth the money!!

 by Tim R
Fantastic experience, beautiful countryside, top notch hospitality.

My family enjoyed every part of our experience. The hotel, room and food was amazing. The people were friendly and the hospitality was fantastic. Our guide was a joy to be with. We would highly recommend this vacation to our friends and family. It was one of our favourite parts of our travels across Germany.

 by Jill K
Great visit to the Black Forest

If you are an English-speaker looking to hike (and otherwise sightsee) in the Black Forest, I definitely recommend Black Forest Tours. The owner-operator - Simone - was terrific in helping us plan our stay in the region, providing us with maps, train/bus passes to get to hiking locations, and many ideas on things to do while on and after our hikes. She even provided a personal tour guide for our first hike which was very useful in getting some background on the region. Her experience with travelers over many years allows her to answer any questions you might have. She's a thorough and prompt communicator. Our trip was great!

 by bosco111
Loved it!

Simone did a great job of organizing everything. The guided first-day hike was both educational and fun, and a lot of both. The hiking plans were thorough and easy to follow. Our one suggestion is to make the included maps higher resolution (some of the text was illegible, although the routes themselves were clear). The hotel Simone selected was well located, comfortable and friendly. And the base town worked well for everything. Highly recommended!

 by Audrey Tan
Wonderful introduction to the Black Forest

I suddenly had a free week in Europe, so I thought I would try my hand at hiking, having never done so before. As most of the information available on the Black Forest is in German (which I don't speak), I was delighted to chance upon Simone's company.

Based on her recommendation, I chose the Hike and Guide package and I extended my stay to a total of 5 days. The hiking guide was wonderful and gave me a real insider's look into the Black Forest area. She also inspired me to aspire to be as fit as she is - she is a grandmother and still I barely kept up with her.

On my solo hikes, I found Simone's maps to be very accurate and user friendly. Even my poor sense of direction did not manage to get me lost once!

All in all, a great experience and so many memories to bring home. Thanks, Simone!

 by Suzie Franklin
You Really Nailed It

I'm in Mainz now and wanted to say thank you. I enjoyed my trip a lot. Your business is perfect for solo traveler like me who likes to hike. I now have a new favorite town in the Black Forest and the hotel was lovely. You really nailed it.

 by DZ03
A wonderful hike through the black forest

Our family spent the day hiking through the black forest. Simone adapted our itinerary to the changing weather conditions and guided us through beautiful scenery, giving us the all-day hiking experience we were looking for. This tour was one of the main highlights of our European vacation. Highly recommended!