Guided Tours – Travel With Someone Local

  • Do you want to travel with someone local who can show you the hidden gems?
  • Do you like to get the inside-scoop and experience it like a local?
  • Do you prefer to travel at your own pace? (not on a bus with 49 other people)
  • Do you want to have an agenda tailored to your specific wants and needs?

How does it work?

  • Decide on how many hours you have available.
  • Describe what you want to see and do here.
  • We design a tour tailored just for you. We pay attention to your age, your personal interests, and many other factors…tell us!

Are there different tours to choose from?

Usually the local guide will also provide transportation. Only in certain cases to our guides join your car or bus.  Get in touch and we can figure out the perfect tour for you and your group.

Why should I tour with a local guide?

If you have never traveled with a guide before, find out if touring with a guide is the right thing for you and see what people say about our tours.


Request Information

Most our guides are certified and licensed guides of the Black Forest.