Freiburg Culinary Tour

Are you more interested in food than in history? If you need a break from history, castles, mountains, cuckoo clocks and lakes, the Black Forest is still a destination worth visiting simply because of its culinary excellence. There are plenty of high-end restaurants serving regional specialties. One Black Forest town is even known as ‘Germany’s Secret Gourmet Capital‘ with its restaurants having been awarded Seven Michelin Stars! But there is no need to visit well-known expensive restaurants to taste the local specialties. On our 2 hour Freiburg Culinary Tour you get a good idea why this area has such a great reputation when it comes to food and wine.

Our Culinary Expert Guide can answer almost any question you might have about eating and drinking in Freiburg. She has her own cooking blog and loves to try out new recipes. Our guide takes you to the farmer’s market where you get to meet some of the local farmers. When was the last time you tasted farm fresh strawberries? How about trying the locally distilled fruit brandy? Let us show you where the locals shop for food and drinks! While we eat and drink our way through Freiburg you also get to know the restaurants and cafes of this town. Do you know where to get the best cheesecake in all of Germany? What fruits and vegetables are in season right now? And where to find the best cup of coffee in town?

Interested in booking  a 2 hour Freiburg Culinary Tour? Generally our Culinary Guide is available in the mornings from Monday thru Saturday – from April to October.  Please contact us to find out if a tour can be organized on the day of your visit.

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