Driver-Only Tour – choose from several tours available:

Here are some examples of the tours we offer. Depending on the number of days you have available for touring we are happy to set up a customized tour for you.

4 hour tours

Quick Clock Tour: We take you to the clock area where it is all about clocks. Visit World’s Biggest Cuckoo Clock and Germany’s highest waterfall. The drive to and from the clock area is very scenic and we have a few spots where we stop for picture-taking.

Scenic Tour:  The driver takes you through historic Hells Valley. Go for a walk in the dark forest, watch a glass blowing demonstration or visit a clock shop. Then you have plenty of time to enjoy Lake Titisee before we take you on a panoramic drive back to Freiburg.

Pretty Town Tour: This tour takes you to a pretty medieval town where you have time to explore. Some of the best Black Forest Cake can be found in this town. A scenic drive will take you to some scenic photo spots and finally to a gorgeous waterfall. Beautiful!

5 hour tours

The Fun Clock Tour: Its all about making everyone happy. The kids get to do a toboggan ride. And then the parents get to visit the clock area to shop for the perfect clock. A waterfall is another highlights. Lots of scenery in between. Everyone is happy!

Farmhouse Tour: Your driver takes you to the open-air farmhouse museum. Some of the houses here are more than 400 years old! Next stop is the cuckoo clock area with Germanys highest waterfalls and thousands of clocks. We add some scenic stops for picture-taking.

Take a Hike Tour: Up for a bit of activity? We take you on a absolutely beautiful drive to Lake Titisee. Next stop is one of the most beautiful ravines in the Black Forest. Following a stream a 45 minute hike takes you through dark woods. The hike goes downhill over wooden bridges and a few stairs.

6 hour tours

The Famous Tour: We take you to the famous clock area to shop for a clock. A quick peak at Germany’s highest waterfalls before you take you to the must-see sight in the Black Forest: famous Lake Titisee. Several scenic spots for great pictures.

Mountain Tour:  A visit to a beautiful Black Forest town starts off your day.  A scenic drive takes you to a picture perfect waterfal. Crossing over the highest mountain you arrive at a beautiful glacier lake. Good combination of non-touristy and touristy things.

7 hour tour

The Action Tour:  This tour has to start by 9 AM to avoid the crowds. Germany’s longest mountain coaster is the highlight of this tour – great fun for both adults and kids. You also see a waterfall and famous Lake Titisee. Time-permitting we can add a big cuckoo clock to the tour.

The Southern Tour: The driver takes you on a scenic drive all the way up to Lake Titisee. We add a stop at a big cuckoo clock to your tour, a gorgeous waterfall and some other scenic stops. Walk up to a sightseeing tower and (weather permitting) take a cable car down the mountain before your tour ends.

8 hour tour

All-Day Tour. You need time for all the highlights: the open-air farmhouse museum, the clock area, Germany’s highest waterfall and famous Lake Titisee. Time permitting even more highlights! The driver will show you many scenic spots in between.

Best of All: Freiburg to Baden-Baden (or reverse). Lots of driving but you are rewarded with the Best of the Black Forest: the clock area, scenic Panorama Road, beautiful High Summit Road, a pretty Black Forest Town and a glacier lake. There is an additional charge of 70€ for this tour.


9 hour tour

Rhine Falls & Lake  Constance: This tour is taking you away from the Black Forest for a day. Visit Europe’s Biggest waterfalls – the Rhine Falls – in Switzerland, then take a detour to Lake Constance – the biggest lake in Germany. Great tour on a hot summer day!

Winter Tours: 4-6 hours

The Winter Tour (November-March):  In winter the Black Forest is often covered in snow. We are still out touring because there are many things to explore in winter as well. All our winter tours are customized, depending on the exact date of your visit.

Train & Car Tours: 4-8 hours

Train & More Tour: Back due to popular demand! Take the famous Black Forest train into the mountains where the driver will pick you up. Spend some time at Lake Titisee before we provide you with different options. How many hours do you have available? Minimum time needed: 4 hours

Hohenzollern tour: 6-9 hours

Hohenzollern Tour: Although not in the Black Forest, Castle Hohenzollern is a bucket-list item for many visitors to Germany. Combine Hohenzollern with a stop in the Black Forest, Castle Lichtenstein or a transfer to your next destination.

Rhine Falls Tour: 8 hours

Rhine Falls and Black Forest Tour: Our driver will take you all the way to Switzerland to visit Europe’s largest waterfall. Passing through the Black Forest you can go for a short hike, enjoy a piece of Black Forest cake by the lake or buy a cuckoo clock.

Lake Constance: 8 hours

Bodensee (Lake Constance) Tour: Nothing to be said – the Isle of Flowers (Mainau) at Lake Constance is a Must-See for any visitor. Spend some time in a medieval town by the lake before taking a boat ride to the Isle of Flowers. Or do you prefer to take a swim in the lake instead?

Alsace tour: 6-9 hours

Alsace/France Tour: Only a few minutes away from the Black Forest the Alsace region in France has a lot to offer: medieval towns, wineries, lots of history, and a mixture of German-French cuisine.