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Tours and Trips in The Black Forest Germany also called Schwarzwald in German

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Mountain Bike Packages

Enjoy the Best of the Black Forest by train and on foot. Day hikes in the best places. You’ll stay in 3 beautiful Black Forest towns. We get you to your next hotel by train. We take care of all the details so you can enjoy a stress-free time in nature with lots of local culture in between. You are going to love it.

Destinations Off The Beaten Path in Germany for 2019

There are only a few forested areas in central Europe where you find good hiking opportunities. There are fewer still with mountains. The Black Forest in Germany is one of the best hiking areas for a couple reasons. My name is Simone and I am from The Black Forest in Germany. I have hiked in North America and Australia, so I know how other people think of hiking. A friend once pointed out to me while living in San Francisco, California; American’s are “goal oriented”, while Europeans are “process oriented”. That is a great way to understand the differences in hiking between these cultures. You may need to shift gears to get the hiking groove here, but once you get-it, you’ll never be the same. Canadians hike in expansive forests where they encounter few people. Americans and Australians are also familiar with such massive landscapes. Hiking there often requires careful preparation to meet nature in such remoteness. In The Black Forest the weather changes quickly. You will often think the locals look over-prepared with all …

About Black Forest Tours

Greetings from the Black Forest! My name is Simone and I am a native German (native Black Forest girl that is). After living in San Francisco for more than 15 years working for various tech companies I returned to the Black Forest in 2013. After the hectic work-centric lifestyle in the U.S., it took a while to adjust to the laid-back lifestyle of Germany. But now I am again accustomed to sitting in a beer garden discussing the weather and other important things in life. When I returned home to The Black Forest, I met many English speaking visitors who had difficulty finding their way around. That’s because 80% of The Black Forest is inaccessible to non-Germans as a result of the blow-back from mass-tourism. The locals have become a bit resistant to tourism, but I have come to see that as a good thing. The gems remain well hidden. So instead of “just-a-tour”, I offer unique English-speaking Black Forest experiences, as only locals can. We make sure you blend in like a friend who is …

Visiting The Black Forest In Winter?

Many people ask me if it is a good idea to visit the Black Forest in winter. Will there be snow? Will it be cold? Is there anything to do during winter? Is it safe driving in winter? The answer if you should or should not visit in winter is easy: it all depends. Official Black Forest Winter Tour Page Within minutes you can walk in the snow, go on a snowshoeing tour, rent skies or sit in one of the hot thermal baths surrounded by snow. If you are used to drive in winter conditions you should not have a problem driving here. It is often a good idea to carry along some snow chains if you are driving in the mountains. Alternatively you can also take the train to get up into the mountains. This is the easiest and most often fastest way to get to the top of the Black Forest and its ski areas. Do you want to visit some of the local attractions? You need to be aware that many …

Hiking The Black Forest Germany

Fall has arrived in the Black Forest

Fall has finally arrived in the Black Forest. The past few days have been absolutely beautiful – picture perfect fall days. Sunny, blue skies and a temperature of 20 C. It seem we are now getting the summer we didn’t really have this year. At night temperatures drop to almost freezing point, but during the day the temperature keeps on rising. We took a driving tour through the Southern Black Forest to (what I think) is the prettiest mountain in the Black Forest – Belchen. The drive to Belchen was absolutely amazing – since the tourists have all left the streets were almost empty. We took the top down and enjoyed a warm breeze while enjoying the fall colors. Leaves have turned yellow, red and orange at this point – one of the most picturesque times to come visit. Once at Belchen we took the cable car up, grabbed lunch at the mountain restaurant and then hiked back down to the parking lot. What a nice escape from the busy city life in Freiburg! Interestingly …