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3 Day Vacation Package

Our Black Forest Vacation Package is the perfect combination of everything you need for a Black Forest get away. You’ll stay in 2 beautiful Black Forest towns. You’ll take a train ride on the famous Black Forest Railway. Our driver will chauffeur you to some must-see sights. And you will go on a guided hike (if desired). We take care of it all – starting at 3 days/4 nights.

Our vacation package is available from mid-May to mid-October

  • We Plan All Details
  • Stay in two Black Forest towns
  • Boutique hotels, upgrades possible
  • Starting at 3 days/4 nights
  • Train Ride, Sightseeing and Hiking
  • Lots of other options to choose from
  • Add-on more days
  • Theme: easy & relaxed

Is this a good vacation package for me?

The Black Forest is not easily navigated by tourists because much of it is not made available in English – locals are resistant to mass-tourism and that is a good thing. Sure there is a lot of information online, written by other tourists. That should tell you if this is your type of vacation package.

Yes. There are some must-see touristy sights and you will certainly see them. But we also provide you with an itinerary for lesser known points of interest and off the beaten path experiences. We also empower you to explore on your own, with guidance.

If you like to explore on your own with the option to have some guidance if you need it – this is the vacation package for you

What’s included in our Black Forest Vacation Package?

  • Welcome Package
  • Accommodation for 4 nights in 2 hotels (upgrades possible)
  • Experience 2 different Black Forest Towns – one in the valley & one in the mountains
  • Double Rooms with en-suite Bathroom and Breakfast
  • Transfer between hotels by chauffeur
  • Self-Guided Train Tour exploring a castle ruin
  • Ride on the famous Black Forest Railway
  • Half day chauffeur tour with our driver (alternative: hike with our certified hiking guide)
  • Tour with our chauffeur through the Cuckoo Clock area
  • Telephone support during your stay
  • Help with train connections
  • Luggage Transfer between hotels
  • Complimentary Black Forest Cake and Coffee
  • Add-ons: guided tours, meet & greet by our staff, reservation at restaurants, chauffeur transfers to/from airports or other cities, additional nights.

Outline of the 3-Day Black Forest Vacation Package

Arrival Day

Arrive in the Black Forest by train. You are staying in a beautiful medieval town in the Central Black Forest. We equip you with all the information you need to explore this beautiful town on your own. Upon arrival take it easy on a walk along the river that runs through town. You stay in a small family-owned hotel in the heart of the old town. Option to upgrade to a beautiful 4 star boutique style small hotel in a restored historic building. Both hotels are within walking distance from the train station (15 minutes). Check-in after 3 PM.

Day 1: Sightseeing on your own by train

On your first day, we provide you with several options to choose from. You can either stay in town and relax or take one of our self-guided train tours to explore some lesser-known towns, a castle ruin, a brewery, glass-blowing or step into an old farmhouse that has been untouched for hundreds of years. There are lots of options for sightseeing! If you are an active person we can also take a self-guided hike – we provide all the trail info and hiking instructions, you cannot get lost.

Day 2: Heading to the South with our driver

After breakfast it is time to say good-bye to this beautiful town in the valley and take a train ride on the most famous train line in Germany: the Black Forest Railway. You will ride through breathtaking scenery passing by a castle ruin. At the end of your train ride our driver is waiting for you. You driver offers lots of options – roads not traveled by tourists – you are in for a treat! On this beautiful drive you will explore the Cuckoo Clock area. The tour ends at your next hotel located in a small mountain town. Hotel Options: Stay in a traditional hotel in the middle of town. Or upgrade to a 4 star spa hotel with pool and gourmet restaurant.

Departure Day

After breakfast you will take the train to Freiburg. From here you can easily connect to other destinations in Germany, France or Switzerland. We assist with train schedules. Or you can opt for a walking tour of Freiburg, a visit to the beergarden or even extend your stay? There are many options to choose from – talk to us!

Is this the right vacation package for me? Contact us for more information and help planning your Black Forest vacation.