Author: Troy Hartenstine

A Treatise on Tourism

An experience is a private thing. (we don’t do mass-tourism and this is why)… Are you looking forward to seeing another cathedral? Are you going to wait in line to visit another museum? Will you really pause to read the inscription on another monument to some dead person? It sounds like you are a mass-tourist. Why are you doing this? Who convinced you that this is what you should be doing with your spare time? Your children hate it too. Mass-tourism is boring. That kind of tourism kills what it loves as someone has eloquently put it. A bit of tourism is healthy and beneficial to all. But the balance between just right and too much is precarious, and in the recent years the scale is tipping over to the decidedly negative. Didn’t you come to this place to experience something of a place far from home? That is very different from walking through a museum so you can tell the folks back home “you did it”. Stop being a mass-tourist. Think about how you …

Winter Tours

November through March are considered winter months in the Black Forest. During these months, skiers take over the mountains and many typical tourist attractions are closed. We are still out touring because there are many things to explore even in winter. Just make sure to dress warm and be ready for some rain or snow if you want to see the Black Forest in its full winter glory.